Goals & Objectives


Our Goals

  • Increase productivity of cultivation and processing of sugarcane and of its co-products processing.
  • Reduce costs of cultivation and processing of sugarcane and of its co-products processing.
  • Diversify sugarcane land use and processing industries.
  • Protect sugarcane-growing/producing environment.
  • Transfer technologies and promote their adoption.
  • Ensure formulation and implementation of appropriate policies and regulatory measures required for the development of the sugar sector by relevant authorities.

Our Objectives

  • Increase availability of sugarcane varieties with improved commercial attributes in local plantations.
  • Improve sugarcane crop management practices.
  • Ensure efficient utilization of land, soil and water resources in sugarcane production with minimum environment degradation.
  • Diversify sugarcane land use.
  • Mechanism sugarcane farming.
  • Improve processing efficiency of sugarcane and of its co-products.
  • Diversify sugarcane-based products.
  • Increase stakeholder knowledge of sugarcane technologies and provide necessary institutional coordination and support for adoption / commercialization of such knowledge.
  • Guide authorities for formulation and implementation of policies and regulatory measures.


  • Crop improvement.
  • Crop and resource management.
  • Crop nutrition.
  • Crop protection.
  • Farm mechanisation.
  • Sugarcane processing and product development.
  • Technology transfer and development. 

Divisions : Technical Divisions:

  • Crop Improvement
  • Crop and Resource Management
  • Crop Nutrition
  • Crop Protection
  • Mechanisation Technology
  • Processing Technology
  • Economics, Biometry and Information Technology
  • Technology Transfer and Development

Divisions : Support Divisions:

  • Administration and Finance
  • Research Farm