RP CN 2016

  1. CN/01/13:  Determination of N, P and K requirements for the sugarcane variety, SL 83 06 (Continuation).
  2. CN/01/14: Verification of fertiliser recommendations for Sevanagala, Pelwatte, Siyambalanduwa, Hingurana, Badulla, Kantale and Killinochchi sugarcane plantations (Continuation)
  3. CN/01/15: Determination of the effect of filter-mud and vinasse on sugarcane crop and soil properties. (Continuation)
  4. CN/02/15: A Preliminary study on solubility of Eppawala Rock Phosphate (ERP) and High-grade Eppawala Rock Phosphate (HERP) with vinasse (Continuation)

Research services
  1. CN/ 01/16: Analyses of soil and plant samples for other divisions of SRI.