RP CRM 2016

Sugarcane Variety Testing
  1. CRM/3/16: Large-scale evaluation of 2000 series varieties
  2. CRM 2/14: Evaluation of varietal response of sugarcane to varying climatic and soil conditions under well-watered and water-stressed conditions
Cultural Practices
  1. CRM/1/16: Development of package of land management practices for mechanical harvesting of sugarcane
  2. CRM/02/16: Investigation of fallow management practices in sugarcane faming in dry zone of Sri Lank
Weed Management
  1. CRM/4/16: Screening of herbicides and evaluation of integrated strategies to control abundant and problematic weeds in sugarcane
Water Management
  1. CRM/5/16: Analysis of agro-meteorological conditions of major sugarcane-growing areas in Sri Lanka in 2016
  2. CRM/1/15: Determining and evaluating the optimum drainage parameters for safe removal of rainfall run-off water to reduce soil erosion in sugarcane lands in undulating terrain
Sugarcane-Based Farming Systems
  1. CRM/4/08: Feasibility of sugarcane cultivation and dairy cattle management as an integrated system of farming

Development projects
  1. D/1/16: Establishment of sugarcane plantation cluster and jaggery processing unit in Kilinochchi
  2. D/2/16: Development of a sugarcane nursery and production of seedcane  in Kilinochchi