RP TTD 2016

  1. TT/01/16: Promotion of sugarcane varieties developed by SRI: SL 83 06, SLI 121, SL 89 1673, SL 90 6237, SL 92 4918, SL 92 4997, SL 92 5588, SL 95 4033, SL 95 4430, SL 95 4443, SL 96 128 and SL 96 328 among cane growers
  2. TT/02/16: Promotion of tyne cultivator, furrow opener, disc moulder and fertiliser applicator for sugarcane cultivation
  3. TT/03/16: Promotion of intercropping cucumber, ground nut, cowpea, water melon and    chillies with sugarcane, and integrated cropping systems
  4. TT/04/16: Promotion of soil fertility management, rehabilitating degraded sugarcane lands and  increasing water use efficiency by farmers
  5. TT/05/16: Promotion of spaced planting and spaced transplanting
  6. TT/06/16: Improvement of cane quality by increasing farmer knowledge and adoption of best management practices
  7. TT/07/16: Promotion of adopting best management practices of sugarcane
  8. TT/08/16: Improvement of knowledge and adoption of pest and disease management
  9. TT/09/16: Improving sugarcane farmers’ knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship
  10. TT/09/16: Providing training/services at requests of sugar companies/other institutions, conducting exhibitions and publishing SRI newsletter and the Sugarcane Sri Lanka Journal
  11. D/01/16: Expansion of sugarcane cultivation and establishment of small-scale sugarcane-based processing industries in Badulla and Nuwara Eliya districts.