Division of Economics, Biometry and Information Technology

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Goal : Sustainable increase of productivity and profitability of the sugar industry by improving its economic aspects, and efficiency of sugarcane research.



Priority Areas


  • Economic assessment of new technologies developed by the institute
  • Assessment of productivity and profitability of sugarcane cultivation and processing of sugarcane and  its co-products
  • Economic assessment of policies related to sugar industry and provision of policy guidelines  for the development of the sugar industry


  • Assessment of adaptability of new of sugarcane varieties
  • Analysis of climatic changes of sugarcane-growing areas in Sri Lanka


  • Design of experiments.
  • Data analysis, interpretation and making inferences.
  • Designing and updating of SRI website.
  • Supporting for productive use of information technology.

Significant Outputs


  • Economic assessment of cultivation of new varieties, lateral shoot multiplication technique, inter-cropping under sugarcane, production of sugarcane vinegar, juice, mushroom, and animal feed
  • Economic assessment of the sugarcane cultivation in  Sevanagala, Pelwatte and Hingurana
  • Assessment of productivity and profitability of sugarcane cultivation as compared with other crops in sugarcane-growing areas
  • Economic assessment of jaggery and syrup production in Moneragala and Badulla districts
  • Identification of factors that caused shifting of sugarcane farmers from sugarcane to other crops at Sevanagala
  • Development of a cane pricing formula for the local sugar industry
  • Development of an ex-factory sugar pricing formula for Sri Lanka
  • Development of an approach for determining optimal replanting cycle for Sri Lankan sugar industry
  • Analysis of the impact of macro economic policies on the sugar sector of Sri Lanka and provison of guidelines for sugar sector policy formulation


  • Determination of a sampling method to estimate quality parameters of the harvested sugarcane transported to the factory
  • Analysis of the characteristics of the rainfall in relation to sugarcane cultivation in Sevanagala
  • Identification of temporal trends of climatic variables in Sevanagala and Pelwatte sugar mill areas
  • Assessment of varietal adaptability of commercial sugarcane varieties