Division of Mechanization Technology

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Goal : Sustainable increase of productivity and profitability of the sugar industry through appropriate mechanization of sugarcane cultivation and small-scale processing.



Priority Areas

  • Introduction of an appropriate sugarcane harvester.
  • Design and fabrication of a sugarcane trash handling machine.
  • Design and fabrication of four-wheel tractor-mounted implements for ratoon management.
  • Design and construction of two-wheel tractor-mounted fertiliser applicator.
  • Modification and/or fabrication of utility tools and equipment (cane knife, deglumer, bud chipper, fuzz dryer, detrasher, cane chopper).
  • Design and modification of hot water treatment plant.
  • Modification of sugarcane crushers and equipment used in producing cottage-level sugarcane-based products.


  • Conducting training / demonstration programs for industry, farmers, students, etc.
  • Repair and maintenance of vehicles, lab/field equipment/instruments / implements.
  • Construction of plant protection structures.

Significant Outputs

  • Design and construction of the following machinery:

Two-wheel tractor mounted tyne cultivator. 

Two-wheel tractor-mounted furrow opener. 

Two-wheel tractor-mounted fertilizer applicator. 

1000-liter mobile hot-water treatment plant. 


5000-liter capacity (one tonne per hour) hot water treatment plant.