Division of Processing Technology

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Goal : Increase productivity and profitability of the sugar industry through improving efficiency of sugarcane and its co-products processing and diversifying the industry with value-added products while minimizing adverse effects on the environment.



Priority Areas

  • Reduction of post-harvest losses of sugarcane.
  • Improvement of processing efficiencies of sugar mills and distilleries.
  • Development of ¬†yeast strains with genetically-improved characteristics for efficient fermentation of sugarcane molasses into ethanol.
  • Production of sugarcane juice-based beverages and other products.
  • Improvement of quality of sugarcane jaggery and syrup.
  • Diversification of utilisation of sugar industry co-products.

Significant Outputs

  • Recommendations for minimizing scale formation in sugar factory evaporators.
  • Recommendations to increase efficiency of cyclonic spray scrubber in the sugar drying system.
  • Isolation of two superior yeast strains, SL-SRI-C-102 and SL-SRI-C-111.
  • Production of cattle feed and mushroom from sugarcane industry co-products.