Division of Technology Transfer and Development

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Goal : Ensure effective transfer of technologies.




Priority Areas

  • Promotion of better sugarcane varieties
  • Promotion of  improved planting techniques
  • Knowledge improvement on soil fertility management
  • Knowledge improvement on pest and disease management
  • Promotion of intercropping of short duration crops with sugarcane
  • Improvement and adoption of good agronomic practices
  • Promotion of small-scale machinery for sugarcane cultivation and cottage-level processing
  • Improvement of jaggery and syrup production as a cottage industry

Audio-Visual materials and extension publications on sugarcane  cultivation

Advisory pamphlets
Advisory pamphlet no.01 – Agronomic practices
Advisory pamphlet no.02 – A guide to get good yield from sugarcane
Advisory pamphlet no.03 – Jaggery and syrup production
Advisory pamphlet no.04 – Control of grassy shoot disease
Advisory pamphlet no.05 – Tyne cultivator
Advisory pamphlet no.06 – Land preparation
Advisory pamphlet no.07 –  Seed cane preparation and planting
Advisory pamphlet no.08 – Control of smut disease
Advisory pamphlet no.09 – Control of leaf scald disease
Advisory pamphlet no.10 – Lateral shoot multiplication
Advisory pamphlet no.11 – Control of wooly aphid
Advisory pamphlet no.12 – Fertiliser application for sugarcane cultivation
Advisory pamphlet no.13 – Inter cropping with sugarcane
Advisory pamphlet no.14 – A guide to grow sugarcane in mid-country intermediate zone
Advisory pamphlet no.15 – Ratoon management

Information sheets
Information sheet 2003/04 – Weed management
Information sheet 2003/03 – Green cane harvesting
Information sheet 2003/01 – Cane variety SL 86 13
Information sheet 2003/02 – Cane variety SL 88 116

Advisory Bulletins 
Grassy Shoot and White Leaf Diseases of Sugarcane in Sri Lanka
Production of Sugarcane Planting Material through Lateral Shoot   Multiplication

Advisory videos
New cane knife (15min)
Control of grassy shoot disease (15min)
Weed management (15min)
Fertilizer management (12 min)
Lateral shoots multiplication (10min)

SRI brochure
Puwath Hasuna” SRI news letters
volume 01 issue 01 (2005-October)
volume 02 issue 01(2007- October)  
volume 02 issue 01 (2008-June)